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HIDE (HI Data Emulator) & SEEK (Signal Extraction and Emission Kartographer) is a set of two independent software packages that simulate and analyze single-dish radio survey data. HIDE forward models the entire radio survey system chain, while SEEK processes simulated (or observed) survey data in a reproducible and consistent way. The two packages were developed based on data taken at the Bleien Observatory.

The HIDE & SEEK packages have been developed at ETH Zurich in the Software Lab of the Cosmology Research Group of the ETH Institute of Astronomy. Details of the HIDE & SEEK packages can be found in this paper, while a description of the hardware system at the Bleien Observatory can be found in this paper. The development of the two packages are coordinated on GitHub via the HIDE & SEEK repos and contributions are welcome. The documentation of HIDE & SEEK are available at hide.readthedocs.io and seek.readthedocs.io.

In the above figure we show an example of the Galactic map simulated through HIDE and then processed through SEEK. This map includes observational artefacts such as noise, RFI, gain and baseline. Larger gaps in the map result mainly from the masking of the Sun and Moon. Also, loss of the sky coverage due to RFI masking is visible as smaller masked regions on the map (Akeret et al. 2016). 

Example Data

A set of raw data from the Bleien Observatory can be found here. This data set can be processed directly through SEEK and corresponds to Figure 3 in Akeret et al. 2016.

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