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Tomasz Kacprzak joins the group as a new posdoctoral fellow (October 2014)

Tomasz Kacprzak

Please join us in welcoming Tomasz Kacprzak who has recently joined our cosmology group as a postdoc. Tomek has just completed his thesis at University College London and is working on weak lensing, the Dark Energy Survey and cosmology, combining an expertise in both astronomy and machine learning. Read more 


Soma De joins the group for a new postdoctorial fellowship (June 2014)

Soma De

Join us in welcoming Soma De, a new postdoc in our Cosmology Research group in the Institute for Astronomy. Soma was formerly a postdoc in Arizona and is working on cosmology, radioactive transfer, CMB, 21cm and various other topics. Read more 


The Cosmology Research Group hosts the Swiss Cosmology Days 2014

Swiss Cosmology Days 2014

This year’s Swiss Cosmology Days took place on 6 & 7 February 2014 at ETH Zurich. The Swiss Cosmology Days are an initiative co-organized by Prof. Ruth Durrer (University of Geneva) & Prof. Alexandre Refregier (ETH Zurich). The aim of this meeting is to promote communication between Swiss Cosmologists & provide a platform for young PhD students & Postdocs to present their current research areas & results. We thank all our guests for joining! More info: Read more 


The Astrowoche takes place for the 41st time

Astrowoche 2014

This years Astrowoche took place for the 41st time, from 13 - 18 January 2014. Up to 20 students spent a week in the Berghaus Diavolezza at an altitude of 3000 observing natural and artificial celestial bodies and carrying out the corresponding calculations. Further information on the Astrowoche can be found on our website: Read more 


Alexandre Refregier participates at the ICS Career Fair

ICS Career Fair

On 6 December Prof. Alexandre Refregier participated in the ICS Career Fair. The ICS (inter-comunity school, Zurich) invited a wide range of professionals from architects to astrophysicists, CEOs, scientists, doctors and designers to speak and give information and advice to the school's older students as they consider their future study and career choices. Read more 

Physics News

Nov 26, 2014

Schrödinger Colloquium

Schrödinger Colloquium A new series of special physics colloquia in Honor of Erwin Schrödinger, who was a professor at UZH from 1921 to 1927. Lectures are intended for a broad audience from the Faculty of Science, aiming at experts and non-experts. m ...

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Nov 26, 2014

Theoretical computer science and more

The ETH Institute for Theoretical Studies hosts activities and organizes events in the fields of mathematics, theoretical computer science and theoretical natural sciences.  

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Nov 26, 2014

Ein wegkatapultiertes Schwarzes Loch?

Astronomen haben im Weltall ein Objekt entdeckt, das ein Schwarzes Loch sein könnte, das aus einer Galaxie katapultiert wurde. Astronomen suchten in der Vergangenheit nach solchen wegkatapultierten Schwarzen Löchern, fanden jedoch keine. Ein internat ...

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Nov 20, 2014

Nationaler Zukunftstag am 13. Nov. 2014

Das Departement Physik bietet den Kindern am Nationalen Zukunftstag einen Einblick in die Welt der Berufslehre. Die Berufsbildungsverantwortlichen organisieren einen Postenlauf mit Hands-On in der Werkstatt und bieten so einen lebendigen Einblick in ...

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Nov 17, 2014

Training Condensed Matter Physics

We like to share the Information we got: Scottish Doctoral Training Centre in Condensed Matter Physics

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ETH News


Unique rammed earth dome at Hönggerberg


The ETH Hönggerberg campus has a new attraction: a dome built with prefabricated rammed earth elements that provides a sanctuary for relaxing in summer and offers new insights into the stability of earth structures. It was designed and built by students from the Department of Architecture. Read more 


Effective learning with Wikibooks

Jennifer Rupp (D-MATL). (Bild: Giulia Marthalter/ETH Zürich)

Associate professor Thomas Haslwanter motivates his students to contribute to Wikibooks to create a written record of his course. Over the past six years, a 200-page compendium on the subject of sensory systems has emerged and is freely available on the internet. Read more 


Encouraging more critical opinion

Lino Guzzella

ETH Zurich celebrated this year’s traditional ETH Day with numerous guests. The retiring ETH President Ralph Eichler received special recognition. The speeches revolved around concerns that Switzerland is becoming increasingly isolated. Read more 


Aeon Scientific wins award

Aeon Scientific

The ETH spin-off Aeon Scientific has won the 2014 Swiss Technology Award in the Start-up category. The biomedical engineering company impressed the judges with its robot-controlled surgical system, which can be used to treat cardiac arrhythmia quickly and safely. Read more 


Three researchers of ETH Zurich receive a SNSF Starting Grant

Karsten Borgwardt. (Photo: MPI-IS/Däfler)

Jennifer Rupp, Karsten Borgwardt and Joao Matos have received a SNSF Starting Grant. The funding level, duration and funding conditions are in line with those of the European Research Council (ERC). Read more 

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