Refregier, Alexandre, Prof. Dr.


ETH Zürich

Dep. of Physics 

Prof. Dr. Alexandre Refregier

Institut für Astronomie 

HIT  J 23.1 

Wolfgang-Pauli-Str. 27

8093 Zürich


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Research Activities

Recent observations have established that the energy density of the universe at our epoch is dominated by two mysterious components. First, 76% of its energy density is in the form of Dark Energy, which is causing the Universe expansion to accelerate. Another 20% of the energy in the universe is in the form of dark matter, which exerts a gravitational attraction as normal matter, but does not emit light. One possibility to explain one or both of these puzzles is that Einstein's General Relativity, and thus our understanding of gravity, needs to be revised on cosmological scales. Together, dark energy and dark matter pose some of the most important questions in fundamental physics today. My research interests focus on the understanding of these fundamental questions in Cosmology from measurements of the large-scale structure of the universe. For this purpose, I use astrophysical observations in different wavelengths ranging from X-rays to the radio band and combine the observational, theoretical and instrumental approaches.



Research experience:

Professor, ETH Zürich, Switzerland 2011 – present
Astrophysicist CEA Saclay, France 2002 – 2011
Research Associate, Univ. Cambridge, UK 1999 - 2002
Research Associate, Princeton Univ., NJ, USA 1997 - 1999


Ph.D. in Physics, Columbia Univ , NY, USA 1997



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